Rui Ferreira

You can report issues in the platform or request new features at the OSP issue tracker.

Keep in mind that you can submit Private tickets that can only be seen by the support staff of So if you have issue that might require you to reveal sensitive information that would be the best way to do it.

There are a couple of milestones available at the tracker that should help you understand the status of your reports

  • Backlog Refers to issues that are deferred for a later date, usually for minor pending refinements over fixed issues, when awaiting for external input, or for minor non-priority fixes
  • Metrics Integration is an upcoming milestone for the introduction of metrics into the platform
  • Launch This milestone closed at the platform launch data

A few additional guidelines for our issue tracker are:

  • Tickets where the actual implementation work is ongoing are usually marked as as accepted.
  • Tickets marked as pending are usually awaiting for some input.
  • Remember that you can vote for tickets to help us prioritise the features you want.
  • Each issue has labels that we use to convey some additional information (priority, urgency, etc)


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