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Rui Ferreira
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Some of the items in the lower sidemenu(2nd) also have an active class ("") that we can use to point out the active item.

For example:

  • Most of the items under Admin
  • Searches and Help under the tickets tool
  • Forums under the Discussion tool

Typically action links are not marked as active:

  • Create Ticket
  • Create Page
  • etc

I don't know if multiple "#sidebar .sidebarmenu .active" can exist at the same time.


  • Carla Leite
    Carla Leite


    I did all the CSS for the li.actives, but is not working on:

    • Fork (Code)
    • Create Topic (Discussion)
    • Add Forum (Discussion)
    • Wiki home (Wiki)
    • View Stats (Tickets)
    Because class=active is missing! Please add!

    Last edit: Carla Leite 2013-04-23
  • Rui Ferreira
    Rui Ferreira

    The problem with some of these items seems to be that the url from the url in the SitemapEntry does not match the actual url of the page because of a missing trailing slash.

    • I've pushed a quick patch to get this working in: code, discussion, tickets
    • The "Wiki Home" link cannot be trivially fixed because the target of that menu entry is not pre-determined.
    • I've also added some h3 entry to wiki menu to match the other sections

    A full fix would be to fix the use of SitemapEntry to:
    1. Be more tolerante of trailing slashes
    2. or, get the actual URL routes instead of appending strings to the path

    Last edit: Rui Ferreira 2013-04-24
  • Carla Leite
    Carla Leite

    Thanks, and delete "Wiki home" tab. No need, you have the yellow one.

    Last edit: Carla Leite 2013-04-24
  • Rui Ferreira
    Rui Ferreira

    Removed the link from the sidebar menu.

  • Carla Leite
    Carla Leite

    • status: pending --> closed