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# Summary Milestone Status Creator Updated Labels Votes
14 Create page button does not work inside the "formatting help" Backlog open Rui Ferreira 2014-03-12 wiki 0  
32 Who is the Administrator in messageapi project in link page Backlog open Nuno Martins 2014-03-12 permissions 0  
37 Commiting code to svn repository Launch closed Nuno Martins 2014-03-12 svn, permissions, commit 0  
125 Request for Login Form to have "Remember me" function None pending Miguel Ponce de Leon 2014-06-11 login, remember me 3  
138 Show "all tickets by me" None open Rudolf Mayer 2014-06-24 search 3  
159 texto após submetido pedido no RCO None closed Fatima Nunes 2018-11-22 0