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RINA Simulator

Version progress

  • April 2015 - Routing policies prototypes, traceback packet file, CDAP redesign
  • March 2015 - Slowdown/Pushupnotif congestion control, basic statistics,
    flow lifecycle, AEStream/ExtendedPing
  • February 2015 - After-Ghent release with FA policies
  • January 2015 - Ghent meeting with EFCP, RMT, RA, PDUFTG and policies
  • November 2014 - Brussels RV1 with AllNodes examples
  • October 2014 - Madrid F2F meeting with working SimpleRelay and TwoCSs scenarios

Directory structure

/examples                   ... scenarios testing RINA stack
    /AllNodes               ... communication across all types of devices
    /BigRandNet             ... big network for testing distance-vector routing
    /ExtendedPingTwoCs      ... CACE module testing scenario distance-vector routing        
    /FatTreeTopology        ... DC-like environment for testing distance-vector routing
    /SimpleRelay            ... two CSs exchanging data through an interior router
    /SimpleRelayCongestion  ... same scenario as above demonstrating congestion control
    /SingleCS               ... single computing system with two applications       
    /SmallNetwork           ... communication across a small network
    /SmallNetworkRouting    ... same as above for testing distance-vector routing
    /SmallRandNetwork       ... small randomly generated network
    /TwoCSs                 ... two directly connected CSs
    /TwoCSsSimple           ... two directly connected CSs with only one IPC
    /TwoCSsWithDelay        ... delayed channel testing scenario
/src                        ... source codes' folder
    /Common                 ... shared basic classes
    /CS                     ... computing system simulation nodes
    /DAF                    ... DAF components
    /DIF                    ... DIF components
    /policies               ... all programable RINA policies
        /DAF                ... policies related to DAF components
        /DIF                ... policies related to DIF components