Thanks for making recoll. It is really great!

I would like to be able to index removable media and have the index stored within. This issue is discussed here: and the problem seems to be the lack of support for relative paths for topdir. Has there been progress on this? This would really be a great feature to have.


  • medoc

    I have not worked on using relative paths because recoll now has a feature which can replace them: the path translation facility:

    This is less transparent than volume-relative paths would be, but the latter introduce other issues, and I thought that it was just not worth it to tackle the complexity.

    It might be possible to further automate the path translation setup. I'd be interested by the details of your use case to see if something can be done.

    • Anonymous

      I want to have a self-contained index with my data so that I can share it with or git-annex.

      The following works, but is not ideal:
      - I created a "local repository" in /tmp/recoll.
      - I created an index inside this folder with 'recoll -c .recoll'
      - I moved the folder to /tmp/recoll2 (imagine this as a cloned repository)
      - Searching the index works, but all the paths are wrong. This can be fixed manually with ptrans.

  • medoc

    Do you need to update the index in the changed location ?

  • medoc

    I have implemented something which may solve your use case. Can you take a look at the doc ?

    It's only in git code for now.

    • Anonymous

      Thanks for the fast work on implementing this. If I understood
      correctly, it should work to just run this script
      inside a folder to make a portable index. Is it enough to just
      have the 'orgidxconfdir' variable or does the config file also have
      to contain 'topdirs'?

      Ideally, I would like it to be completely decentralized i.e not
      having to refer to the original location and being able to update
      the index. I guess this is not possible without support for
      relative paths.

      A somewhat related question: Is there an easy way to manipulate the
      config file from the command line? I'm envisioning a CLI for this
      use case similar to that of git e.g 'recollcli init' would do
      something like the script I posted above, 'recollcli add foo' would
      add the location foo to the config file etc.

  • medoc

    The config file needs topdirs, otherwise, there is no way to know what to index.

    I think that your script should do the job just fine. You don't need to create the empty files, but they won't hurt either.

    It should be possible to add the capability to update the index for a moved dataset. I'll have a look at it. Curiously this thing with orgidxconfdir, which is largely equivalent to supporting relative paths, makes everything conceptually simpler. I'd have a hard time guessing what the use of relative paths could affect internally (maybe nothing in fact, but I'd have to look all over the place). Keeping absolute paths together with a way to fix them makes for a very localized modification on the doc extraction side. Hopefully it will be the same with the indexing side. It's on the todo.

    There is currently no tool to edit recoll.conf. If you are not using sections with bracket headers, just appending data to the file will do the trick. With brackets, it becomes a bit more complicated, but if you control the format (no editing with the GUI), keeping everything on single lines (no line folding wiht backslashes), it becomes quite easy to edit it with grep or such (grep to get the old value, grep -v to eliminate it, then prepend the new one to the file). Or something like it :) It would be quite easy to write a command line editor based on conftree.[h/cpp], but it does not exist.


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