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Read Me

Recoll WebUI

Recoll WebUI is a Python-based web interface for Recoll text search tool for Unix/Linux.


All you need to use the WebUI is:

  • Python 2.x
  • Recoll 1.17+
  • web browser


If your Recoll version is 1.18.2 or newer:
If your Recoll version version is 1.17-1.18.1:
You can fetch the full git repository like this:
git clone


Recoll WebUI can be used as a standalone application or through a web server via WSGI/CGI. Regardless of the mode of operation you need Recoll to be configured on your system as the WebUI only provides a front-end for searching and does not handle index configuration etc.

Run standalone

Run and connect to http://localhost:8080.

There's some optional command-line arguments available:

-h, --help            show this help message and exit
-a ADDR, --addr ADDR  address to bind to []
-p PORT, --port PORT  port to listen on [8080]


Example WSGI/Apache2 config:

WSGIDaemonProcess recoll user=recoll group=recoll threads=5 display-name=%{GROUP} python-path=/var/recoll-webui-master
WSGIScriptAlias /recoll /var/recoll-webui-master/
<Directory /var/recoll-webui-master>
        WSGIProcessGroup recoll
        Order allow,deny
        allow from all

Remarks: * Without "python-path=" you might see errors that it can't import webui * Run the WSGIDeamonProcess run under the username (user=xyz) of the user that you want to have exposed via web

Example Upstart-Script for Ubuntu to run the indexer as daemon:

description "recoll indexer"

start on runlevel [2345]
stop on runlevel [!2345]


pre-start script
        exec sudo -u recoll sh -c "/usr/local/share/recoll/examples/ start"
end script

pre-stop script
        exec sudo -u recoll sh -c "/usr/local/share/recoll/examples/ stop"
end script

Remarks: * You need to configure the user for which the indexer should run ("sudo -u [myuser])

Example Crontab entry to have the indexer at least once a day:

22 5    * * *   recoll  recollindex


Can't open files when Recoll WebUI is running on a server

By default links to files in the result list correspond to the file's physical location on the server. If you have access to the file tree via a local mountpoint or eg. ftp/http you can provide replacement URLs in the WebUI settings. If in doubt, ask your network administrator.