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Read Me

Taverna-Provenance-Extractor v1.3

Link to the official website:

Link to the repository

This program comes in two flavors:

  • Standalone CLI
  • OSGi Bundle


The standalone CLI version encapsulates two different features:

  • Feature A: Converts a Taverna 2.4 worfklow to an Archimate model.
  • Feature B: Updates a OWL with DROID information gathered from the provenance data of a certain workflow execution

Interacting with the standalone CLI version

-i,--inputFile <arg>    ...specifies the taverna t2flow (input) file. \path\to\taverna\input.t2flow
-o,--outputFile <arg>   ...specifies the archimate (output) file. \path\to\archimate\output.archimate

-p,--provenance <\path\to\copy\provenance-trace>    ...fetching provenance information from a workflow execution

-ont,--ontology-file <\path\to\myOntology.owl>  ...ontology file
-r,--reportFile <\path\to\DroidCSVreport.csv>   ...DROID report file

(optional) -v,--verbose  ...enable verbose mode
(optional) -a,--add <arg> taverna dependencies   ...detect and add taverna's jar dependencies

Sample usage

[A] Convert a Taverna Workflow to an Archimate Model:
INPUT: Taverna 2.4/2.5 workflow model
OUTPUT: Process model of the workflow accoring to Archimate Specification

java -jar TavernaExtractor.jar -i \path\to\TavernvaWorkflowInputFile.t2flow -o \path\to\ArchimateOutputFile.archimate

[B1] Fetch provenance information for a specific workflow run:
INPUT: directory where to store the fetched provenance information
OUTPUT: fetched provenance data

java -jar TavernaExtractor.jar -p \path\to\store\workflow\provenance\data\for\DROID\identification

[B2] Extend existing ontology with information about the used file formats in the workflow run:
INPUT1: existing OWL file, which should be extended.
INPUT2: DROID generated CSV report.
OUTPUT: updates OWL file from INPUT1.

java -jar TavernaExtractor.jar -ont \path\to\myOntology.owl -r \path\to\myDroidCSVreportFile.droid.csv

Build and Execution

  1. Clone the current project from
  2. Change in the checked-out directory.
  3. Adapt the file.
  4. Use maven (mvn package -DskipTests=true -Pstandalone) to package the program.
  5. Change to the 'target' directory.
  6. Run the executable with 'java -jar TavernaExtractor.jar <args>'.

Runtime Dependencies

  • JRE 1.7+
  • Apache Maven 2+ (for building)
  • DOT (comes with Graphviz)


The OSGi bundle can be accessed at

It encapsulates following feature: Converts a Taverna 2.4/2.5 worfklow to an Archimate model regarding specification 2.1.

Mandatory Parameters

  • fqdn ... IP of the remote address (e.g.
  • port ... Port of the remote machine (e.g. 10026)
  • user ... Username Credentials (e.g. timbus)
  • password ... Password Credentials (e.g. timbus)
  • inputFileName ... Path to the Taverna workflow input file (e.g. /home/timbus/Documents/imagemagick_wf.t2flow)
  • archimateOutputPath ... Path to the generated output file (e.g. /home/timbus/Documents/imagemagick.contextmodel.archimate)
  • tavernaHome ... Path to Taverna Home directory (e.g. /home/timbus/.taverna-2.4.0)


The bundle can also be build using maven mvn package -DskipTests=true -POSGi


At the moment, the following activitied are supported.

  • Beanshell script
  • RShell
  • Tool innvocation
  • Text constant
  • WSDL/Rest Services

All other activities will cause an ClassNotFoundException.
To suppress that error, add the stated dependency to the classpath.
In case you have successfully executed the workflow once,
the dependency should be available somewhere in the repository location of the Taverna installation directory.
But keep in mind: That activity won't be processed by the tool correctly!