6 days ago
6 days ago

Using a renderer in Songcast mode does not work with BubbleUPnP.

Steps to reproduce:
1. Switching a renderers source from "Playlist" to "PL-to-Songcast".
2. Select this renderer in BubblePnP.
3. Select a track or playlist from the library to play to.
4. BubbleUPnP tells the renderer to switch its source from "PL-to-Songcast" to "Playlist".


  • medoc
    6 days ago

    Thanks for reporting this. It's correct, and I have reported it to the Bubble UPnP developer, but he was busy (he did say he would take a look when he had time though). Maybe it would be useful if you pinged him, there is not much I can do on my side.

    I think that Bubble DS works fine, maybe you can install the trial version and see how it goes.

  • jk
    6 days ago

    Bubble DS works neither. The issue is that the SourceXML has two items of type "Playlist" (named "Playlist" and "PL-to-Songcast") and Bubble selects the first item of source type "Playlist" from SourceXML.

    In my setup, I removed the "PL-to-Songcast" item from the SourceXML and I am starting mpd2sc and sc2mpd manually using a start-stop-script.


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