Good morning everyone, from Rome, Italy.
I'm trying to stream from Qobuz Desktop App to Moode 4.4 on raspberry pi3 (

Whichever item I select in QObuz App, it is added to Moode playlist, but MPD throws an authorization error.

MPD error
Failed to decode; CURL failed: The requested URL returned error: 403

Moode 4.4 embeds the following version of upmpdcli:
pi@moode:/etc $ upmpdcli -v
Upmpdcli 1.2.16 libupnpp 0.16.0

MPD version
pi@moode:/etc $ mpd -V
Music Player Daemon 0.20.20

My Qobuz credentials are stored by Moode in file /etc/upmpdcli.conf as follows
Qobuz user name.

Your Qobuz login name.

Qobuz password.

The password for your Qobuz account.

Qobuz stream quality. 5 for mp3/320, 7 for FLAC if

your subscription allows it.

qobuzuser =
qobuzpass =
qobuzformatid = 7

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  • medoc

    You don't need the Qobuz creds stored in the upmpdcli configuration to do this. These are only used when using the upmpdcli mediaserver to proxy the access to Qobuz.

    Here, the Qobuz app is doing the authorization itself, and sending authenticated (but short-lived) URLs to upmpdcli/MPD. This is similar to the second approach described in the following link, with the Qobuz app acting as a Control Point, but sending the final URLs, not proxying the data access:

    I have no idea why you get a 403, except if maybe you are trying to play them later from an MPD playlist, or if they sit too long before being played ? Otherwise, I have no idea.

    Last time I tried though, the UPnP interface in the Qobuz app was extremely bad (unusable), so, another possibility would be that it botches the URLs it sends, but what I see above looks right to me, similar to something I recently played with upmpdcli (but using the upmpdcli media server, not the qobuz app):

    I'd have to give it a try, but I probably won't have time this week.

  • medoc

    Gave it a try, and my version of the desktop app does not even detect the upnp players. What version are you using ?

  • Anonymous

    I cannot really tell Qobuz app (for Mac) version number, because I cannot really found an "about" menu item.
    I tried to remove credentials from upmpdcli.conf but nothing changed.

  • medoc

    As far as I know, the upnp access in the Qobuz app just does not work in
    general, except for some rare devices.
    The earlier version detected upmpdcli devices, but the later protocol handling was complete garbage. I reported the detailed problem to qobuz, but nobody ever got in touch with me. I have given up on this. If you want to use Qobuz with upmdcli, you can use either the Qobuz function in Kazoo or the one in the upmpdcli media server.


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