Personal data
  • charsetdetect Improving Mozilla universalchardet module
  • libupnpp-samples goto
  • libupnpp-bindings goto
  • SQLScreens A simple relational database screen form generator written in TCL/TK
  • libpff libpff tools modifications for Recoll usage
  • sc2mpd goto
  • pychm-with-chmlib Python3 pychm with bundled chmlib
  • libupnpp goto
  • pxattr Portable extended attributes C++ programming interface
  • mpdas-upnp UPnP audioscrobbler based on mpdas
  • npupnp goto
  • recoll-gssp goto
  • recoll-we goto
  • recoll Recoll moved to
  • upplay goto
  • upmpdcli goto
  • upabx A UPnP ABX comparison tool
  • unity-scope-recoll Recoll Ubuntu Unity scope Daemon: full-text search from the Unity Dash
  • antiword A slightly updated version of antiword
  • u/medoc
  • recoll-webui goto