(OSP) is a software forge created as part of the PROSE coordination action and it's dedicated to hosting Open Source projects created within EU research projects.


The main goal of the platform is promoting the dissemination of EU project results as Open Source software. Within this project hosting platform, EC projects can develop their software projects, collaborate towards common goals and have access to useful contents for the success of the projects, generating added value to the Open Source European community.


PROSE is an European project that will contribute to the adoption of open source software on ICT projects, by increasing the lifetime of the software developed inside European projects and thus maximizing impacts. This is achieved through the creation of a coordination platform for hosting software projects, as well as promotion dissemination and training events on Open Source topics.


1. Is the platform sustainable?

One of PROSE's objectives is to ensure the Open Source Projects (OSP) Europe platform continues to operate beyond the lifetime of the project, becoming itself sustainable. To meet this goal the platform already offers different sustainability models that provide long term success like:

  • a durable solution to host the software projects (extended hosting);
  • a central location for information sharing;
  • a project to support the Open Source Projects Europe documentation;
  • customized OSP Europe results to match the online format so that they meet the platform requirements (H3.1, H3.2, H3.3);
  • a customized training program around the platform, including webinars, tutorials, live events, and other training material;
  • interaction with other EU-funded projects.

2. How long will the platform be maintained?

To maintain the current platform, the consortium partners committed towards maintaining the infrastructure, currently hosted on a private cloud at the servers of IT Aveiro, by at least 4-6 years after PROSE's end date (Sep/2014).

3. Are there any plans for moving forward?

The consortium is looking towards building upon and extending the existing platform through continued funding, and supporting business models. A continuation project is being prepared, as means of establishing a sponsor relationship, in together with a supporting venture, ensuring the platform can be maintained through the funds received from a continuation activity.

4. How can the platform be useful? Why use the platform?

PROSE will provide a platform for hosting and supporting (ICT) FLOSS software that allows creating and managing software repositories. Beyond supporting the development process, the infrastructure defines a common location for ICT software. The platform will also include community and software management tools, as well as access to methodology, business and legal information required for FLOSS adoption.

5. What does the platform provide?

To support the FLOSS adoption process, PROSE provides training documentation for the software platform, and also for the legal and business aspects that relate to FLOSS use. The platform itself provides version control and an issue tracking systems and a Wiki and blog sections.

6. What do I need to use the platform?

Just register and start using it now for your projects.

7. How do I use the platform and what can I do there?

Check the docs at the bottom of the page, or see H3.1 - Platform Learning Guide.

8. I never did an open source project, what do I need to know to protect my code?

Open Source development is big topic, here are a couple of tools to help you get started: our own FLOSS Checklist and also a License chooser application.

9. I'm not aware of open source. What benefits can it bring to business and projects?

FLOSS allows borrowing and sharing, resulting in: saving costs in software development, faster software development and prototyping (by re-using code); saving maintenance and updating costs; risk and cost sharing by using existing code; and even societal benefits of being associated with collaborative and open values. (see H3.3 - Using FLOSS-powered Business Models).

10. Why adopt business models that use FLOSS for European projects?

FLOSS supports Borrowing and Sharing ant its benefits. Borrowing and sharing can help create more value during and after the project, by supporting partner interaction, through a clear collaboration model and allowing partners to (re)use existing software and others (e.g. SME's, projects) to readily modify it. (see H3.3 - Using FLOSS-powered Business Models).

If you have questions, feature requests, or would like to discuss anything that helps you produce Open Source software as part of your project, let us know. Check the links at the bottom of the page for contact information.