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# This Source Code Form of OSSEval is subject to the terms of the GNU AFFERO
# GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE, v. 3.0. If a copy of the AGPL was not
# distributed with this file, You can obtain one at
# OSSeval is powered by the SOS Open Source AGPL edition.
#  The AGPL requires that you do not remove the SOS Open Source attribution and copyright 
#  notices from the user interface (see section 5.d below).

# OSSEval Copyright 2014 Bitergium SLL
# SOS Open Source Copyright 2012 Roberto Galoppini
# Author: Davide Galletti 

flossmole_locale = True
ohloh_api_key = "Kdj98UAt6jJn18a9vkB2F"
local_record_limit = 50