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ULOOP is an EU-funded FP7 ICT project, running from September 2010 August 2013. ULOOP brings in a fresh approach to user-centricity by exploring user-provided networking aspects in a way that expands the reach of a multi-access backbone.


ULOOP provides a user-centric open-source software suite and a large-scale realistic demonstrator. The ULOOP consortium holds a total of 12 partners including 3 operators, 2 access vendors, 1 software house, 4 universities, as well as 1 R&D Laboratory.

ULOOP addresses the user as key component of networking services in future Internet architectures.


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ULOOP Android Application:

The ULOOP application allows you to connect to ULOOP WiFi networks, and share resources with your peers.
Download ULOOP Application

To use a ULOOP WiFi network just follow these steps:
1. Install the Application
2. Create and validate your profile
3. Join a ULOOP Access Point


  • The ULOOP Android Application will only work if connected to an ULOOP Wireless network.
  • If you are a new user, you will be prompted to register on an ULOOP Validation provider. This registration allows you to have an identity in the ULOOP network and be part of this amazing community.

Alfredo Matos
Nuno Martins