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This is the vf-OS Project for Software Development

This Portal is not a replacement for the Project's Official Web Page, it is a meetup point for coordinating and hosting of the software code being developed by the vf-OS Project.

This Project is divided into 9 main sub-projects:

To complete this information, there is a Development Status list that shows the ongoing status of the development of the various vf-OS modules. It is supposed to be updated by the module owners.

Additionally, and as this is a development portal, a Support sub-project was created to host documentation, software, and tools that are meant to support the development itself. It includes tutorials and tips for Configuration Management, development, support tools, etc.

Moreover, a State of the Art is presented over the landscape in terms of businesses and alternatives solutions presented and where vf-OS intends to create added-value.

This page also includes a Requests / Suggestions link that allows any user, from vf-OS or the community, to perform change requests and suggestions to the project development, e.g., new vf-OS features and functionalities, problems using vf-OS, problems using this development platform.

Then there is a link to the vf-OS homepage official project site.

Project Info

Virtual Factory Open Operating System (vf-OS) is an H2020 funded project, aimed at the creation of homogeneous solutions to support manufacturing companies, especially SMEs, to successfully respond to the challenges to be flexible and offer highly customised products, without daunting implementation costs, and thereby maintaining and boosting their competitiveness locally in the increasingly globalised markets SMEs participate in.

This project has received funding from the European Union's Competitiveness and Innovation framework Programme Horizon 2020, under grant agreement no 723710.

If you have any comments, problems or suggestions please contact the project administrators:
Carlos Coutinho